Quick meal on the go. ALCHEMy

Photo by Eric Esma from Pexels

I’ve found a pretty tasty, filling, and near perfect macro meal-on-the-go option that is easy to put together and doesn’t require refrigeration. I call this food ALCHEMy, although the name certainly needs work. The three simple ingredients can be found at Trader Joes. (I will have to blog about the cool keto food I can find at this store).   […]

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How to Start Keto

I recently had a friend inquire about starting Keto. The fad aspect of this way of eating has  created such a buzz in the media and lead to so much “information” being published  that quite frankly there’s more confusion when searching the web for how to begin this journey and the “rules”. I read so much material initially that I […]

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Cold Showers – Brrrr

So here’s the first in my series of biohacks or as you may refer to them, “You Do What?“. I’ve been taking cold showers everyday since the summer of 2018. I really wish I recorded when I started, but it has been at least since July. My cold shower consists of only using the cold side of the temperature controller… […]

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Personal Accountability

I’ve been on this health journey for over two years now. I can’t say that it’s always been easy. You know, sometimes life just makes the motivation more difficult. I started this blog with intent to provide some insight to others. Even if one person finds value and resulting health in the content I’m putting out there, I will consider […]

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New Series of Posts Coming Soon

We’ve been absent for a while from new posts. Illness and busy life have just gotten in the way. Rest assured new recipes will be coming soon. In the meanwhile, I’m going to do a series of posts on some of the “stranger” things I do in the name of improved health. While I like to refer to these as […]

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