My Supplements Part II

I’ve found that I need to replenish minerals more now than I ever have before. I was extremely wary of salt for most of my adult life, trying to keep to under 2 grams a day or suffer with tinnitus (ringing in my ears). Strangely, I put salt on everything now. I try to ensure I get other minerals besides sodium, by using either pink salt, which allegedly has a spectrum of mineral content, or focusing on added potassium by using Morton Lite Salt, which has 350 mg of the stuff per serving. I have been prone to leg cramps for many years, and although, my potassium generally always tests well, the cramps become more frequent when I don’t focus on consuming adequate potassium rich foods. Now being in ketosis and not having my kidneys retain minerals as much, I find adding a little bit of this on a daily basis really keeps me without problems. Many recommend this as a solution to the dreaded “keto-flu” when first starting out.