Personal Accountability and How The Mind Rationalizes Failure – aka Breaking Bad

Yes, it’s been quite some time since I made my excuses and posted a few items on this blog. Since then, I’ve been unable to admit to myself (and to the blog) that I have been failing miserably. It’s the vicious cycle of telling yourself that tomorrow I’ll start “Day 1” again and that I’ll be better then. Except, I’ve become good at convincing myself of the same thing tomorrow.




Photo by Criativithy from Pexels

Tomorrow won’t likely be any better if you don’t listen to how you feel today.

I know that I am good at convincing myself that after the guilt of (insert poor choice here) that I can add to that and claim, “I’ll start again, so why not continue with the poor food choices for the remainder of the day.”

You are in control:

If you are reflecting on your lapses in how you want to live, reframe your unit of measure from Days to Minutes. Act in the Now. Influence the next actions you take.
Take accountability for everything you put into your body. Holding yourself to food journaling is good way to do this and to re-educate yourself.
Recognize that you have a choice right now. Take it!