Every blog has a beginning…

This blog is provided by a couple of 40-somethings trying to figure out the best way to get healthy in this day and age. Hopefully as time goes on you’ll get to know us better. While not specifically intended to be a “keto blog”, I have been following a ketogenic lifestyle for nearly two years. In that time I have dropped nearly 140 pounds and, most importantly, completely reversed my pre-diabetes. This transformation has allowed me to drop one hypertension medication completely and reduce the other dosage by half. I feel so much better than I have in most of my adult life.

I hope to review my experiences with other health related activities as well as provide some reviews of products we have used along the way. Most importantly, I’d like to refer you to the resources I sought out prior to and during this journey, and those people I learn and get motivation from regularly.

I am not a doctor, and everything provided here should be taken with a bit lot of skepticism. However, if anything I have to share here provides just one person with the knowlege or inspiration to make a positive step in their health, it will be well worth any effort I’ve expended.

January 2017
October 2018