Supplements to my diet that help me be successful.

One of the foods that I use on a daily basis is MCT oil. Derived from coconut oil, this oil, which remains in a liquid form at room temperature, is comprised of primarily of medium carbon chain fatty acids (Caprylic acid (C8) and Capric acid (C10)). It is the Lauric acid, which has a 12 carbon acid chain, which contributes […]

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Keto resources I’ve used along the way.

Some of the resources I referenced when getting into keto were first among the medical community. Some of the research that Dr. Sarah Hallberg had done with her diabetes clinic were compelling. Info about her work and her TEDx talk are here I also looked into the work of Dr. Jason Fung I follow a number of Keto […]

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Every blog has a beginning…

This blog is provided by a couple of 40-somethings trying to figure out the best way to get healthy in this day and age. Hopefully as time goes on you’ll get to know us better. While not specifically intended to be a “keto blog”, I have been following a ketogenic lifestyle for nearly two years. In that time I have […]

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